About the Author

Emma Porter is an eccentric twenty-two-year-old living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Born in Toronto, Ontario she discovered her voracious passion for books at the early age of three, making excursions to the library almost daily, book in hand of course. Some of her favorite authors include Cornelia Funke, writer of the InkHeart series, Brandon Mull, writer of the FableHaven series, and Margaret Atwood, a veritable Canadian treasure. The Fairy King is her first break out novel, and originated, like majority of her fantasy-themed ideas, from her earl-grey tea fueled fever dreams hastily penned down in her notebook the following morning. She currently lives at home while both working, and going to school fulltime; a herculean task which her cat Lux helps her through each day. Emma is a firm believer in her personal stance that “The world of publishing is ten percent functionality/luck, and ninety percent perseverance.” When not working. Nor studying, you’ll most likely find her whiling away the hours with a good book, engaging video game, or captivating television show.

Me memini, et relinquo fabulis post tempore, etsi sit conculcavit me homo tota.
Remember me and the stories I leave behind, though time may swallow me whole.